After getting whiplash in a car accident, i had a condition where one half of my head would go numb and i would suffer from dizziness and pain. I have tried different therapies and therapists, but nothing seem to be working. After I tried shiatsu with Valdas, I was surprised with the level of professionalism because it felt so right about his approach to treatment. After just two sessions I felt big improvement and the benefit lasted for good few month. I am now able to control this condition doing prophylactic treatments. Once, when condition worsened just before my trip and there was no way for me to go and get the treatment, he applied a distant healing, and it worked perfectly I had a relieve and good holiday. I extremely recommend the treatments with Valdas for his efficiency and professional understanding and approach to health.


Wateford, Ireland

My experience of Shiatsu massage performed by Valdas exceeded all my expectations. During the sessions I felt my body tensions gone away leaving me feeling light and more at peace with myself. I was impressed by Valdas professionalism and deep spiritual understanding of body mind connection in a human being. For the first time I felt the professional caring about not only my physical health, but also my mental and emotional state. During the sessions he also helped me understand and get rid of some limiting believes that created pain in my back in the first place. The whole experience blew me away and it is not easy to put it in words! After each session I felt such a huge rush of energy! It was evident that unhealthy blocks were removed which allowed the energy in my body flow freely and in turn created indescribable feeling of pure joy! I am grateful to Valdas and I appreciate his work and dedication to his people and I recommend everyone to look now further if you are searching for the best Shiatsu specialist in the country.


London, United Kingdom