The Benefits of Spiritual Counseling

– Addresses the issues in much deeper and wider light. 

– Guids you towards yourself.

– While adresing bigger picture it encompasis your systematic mind body spirit health.

– Helps you to become better you for society family and yourself.


What does spirituality have to do with mental health? Recent studies have shown that the two are more intertwined than many would imagine.


It’s becoming clear to mental health practitioners that spiritual well-being is a central need for so many people. As a result, more and more therapists are integrating spirituality and/or religious principles with their clinical practice.


Spiritual counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on a person’s spiritual side. There are a couple reasons why a person may consider spiritual counseling. First of all, they may seek out a spiritual counseling in order to explore or solidify their own personal spiritual beliefs. Some people might also seek out the guidance of spiritual counselors when they need help solving other problems in their lives, based on their spiritual beliefs.

It may help you with:


– Personal crysis

– Loss of direction

– Fear of judgement
– Negative thoughts
– substance use and addiction

– Fear of future
– Anxiety

– depression
– Fear of communication

– personal judgment

– Negative self talk


– loss of relative
– Divorce
– Loneliness
– Fear of decision making
– Loss of meaning of life

My Approach To Spiritual Health 


– My approach is based on 25 years of experience in spiritual self discovery and development.


– You are already whole. You don’t need to be fixed, just nurtured back to full health.


– You don’t have to face life alone, you can receive support from a higher power.


– There is a bigger picture and your place in it matter.


– To tailor your needs I take spirituaity to a practical level and adopt spiritual techniques knowledge and experience .


– Spirituality is the base of life in general and it adresses and unites fundamental truth and core believes of every human being.


– Spiritual knowledge and experience immencely helps in my practice, for much deeper healing takes place when believes are addressed or corrected. 

Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality and religion are both terms that are used to describe a person’s beliefs and practices regarding relationship with a Divine.


But what’s the difference between them?


People who belong to different religions worship specific deities.  Jesus, Muhammad, Shiva.


In the case of spirituality, This higher power is described less specifically. For example, a spiritual person may worship Source adn Centre of Creation.  Also rely on inner self essence or a broader sense of interconnectedness between all humanity.


Spirituality is often less structured than religion in the sense that there are no formally prescribed belief systems, but every spiritual path has practice – prayer. worship, meditaion, practice of silence, study of lives of the enlightened, study of specific resources, etc.


However, it’s important to keep in mind that spirituality and religion may also overlap in some regards. For many people, religion is, in fact, an expression of their spirituality. Whether you’re spiritual or religious, its important to explore how your spiritual or religious beliefs are important for your psychological and mental wellbeing.

Do I Have to Be Religious to Benefit From Spiritual Counseling?

No, you do not need to be religious to benefit from spiritual counseling. This form of therapy is available to anyone, even those who are not religious. 



When might a non-religious person seek out this form of therapy?


Spiritual counseling can be used to help people who are unsure whether they are in fact spiritual or religious. This form of therapy can help a person clarify their beliefs and help establish whether they want to integrate religion into their lives to a greater extent.

Also keep in mind that as long as your spiritual counselor is simultaneously a licensed health professional, they are bound by the same ethical standards that any regular health professional adheres to. This means that ethically, they are expected to not “push” their beliefs on you, but rather to be guided by your own needs during therapy. We speak more about the ethics of spiritual counseling below. But first, in what way does spiritual counseling differ from traditional therapy?


Some clients may need help exploring or even discovering their spiritual or religious beliefs. They may feel conflicted or confused and start to doubt their own beliefs that were ingrained in them for years, for example, or they may simply need guidance in order to figure out what their beliefs are.



Programs tailored for you.


Spirituality is the way of life for me and I am committed to helping others to ‚’straighten their lives’. It becomes much better and happier when person gets rid of all kinds of negative believes, preconceptions and programs running in the subconscious and sabotaging every effort to improve life.


Negative self talk and negative self image is yet another strong resistance to overcome on the way to living better life and and feeling good.


To become truly happy one has to find that firm spiritual ground within. thats the guaranty to live better life, and the way to get to the very depths of every ordinary experience. The more shallow is life that you live, the more boring and meaningless it appears, the deeper life is the more deeper experiences you may.


I am using simple yet powerful methods that are tailored to every individual at every stage of life. With that in mind my guidance leads to the shores of better you.


Through the course…


We will examine, correct and readjust your thinking processes for getting closer to your higher self and will learn how to find and have direction in life.


We will identify the patterns of the victim thinking and revers engineer it towards the vinning attitude


We will understand why we live this life on the planet and will learn to value and recognise every experience from different perspective.


We will adopt the special knowledge that is not hidden but can very specific and becomes available only while walking the path towards yourself.


you will receive guidance to  empower your mind plugging it into the currents of universal wisdom. which makes you a creator of your own reality. Having strong powerful mind makes easier to go throught the turbulent periods of your life.


Reality is what you create and not what you may see in front of your eyes and call so or feel like you are destined.


With certain techniques you will learn how to use the power of the believe and make your being and brain work for you to create what you realy truly want


after achieving your true self and


your life will never be the same again but you will have to work to make it so. I may only provide you with the guidance.


  1. My aim is to help you feel good.
  2. To help you find direction in your life,
  3. To help you have meaningful life filled with in depth experiences.
  4. To tell you how to have good relationship in your family.
  5. To help you have a right attitude towards yourself and others.     

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