How Shiatsu can help If you are planning to have a baby.


I am a father of two children and I know how helpful and supporting shiatsu can be to prepare and strengthen the body in preparation to have a baby, or if you have difficulty to conceive, as the reasons for that can be physical emotional or mental and affect both partners. I am qualified and trained to give advise.


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Shiatsu during pregnancy


As a women say, the emotional and physical support is most needed during this period, especially at the last months of the pregnancy and, shiatsu is brilliant therapy to get that support. My clients report increasing awareness and connection with yet to be born after series of treatments, they also felt stability, and well-being, better sleep.

Shiatsu to help Delivery


Using specific pressure points, the labor can be induced safely and naturally when the birth is overdue.


The birth-inducing medicine is not always good for this reason.


Pain levels can be effectively managed during the birth of a baby.


Using specific body points baby can be delivered faster. 


I can give advice to the partner or midwife on this specific matter.

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