What to expect from your shiatsu session



There is a 10 minutes consultation just before the 1st treatment that gives me an understanding of you as a person and your health in general, which helps me to tailor the treatment, as each treatment is unique and, responding to your needs in the moment.


Shiatsu is given while lying on a comfortable treatment mat, on the floor, supporting your whole body while providing space for movement and stretch.


During a treatment, people often experience deep relaxation and it gets deeper once your body starts readjusting from session to session. This is sometimes felt as a meditative state when the mind becomes quiet and stress goes away.


You don’t need to ‘do’ anything during the treatment, just relax an give up your body in the hands of the practitioner.


Depending on your body and energy distribution throughout the channels, together we will determine the pressure levels to be applied.


I recommend to book at least three treatments during two weeks to get a full benefit, but six is even more beneficial.


— During the first treatment, your body starts readjusting for improved health. I work to balance the energy flow, and to build the foundation for further balancing on the second treatment.


— On the second treatment, usualy, some internal patterns start presenting themselves, that usually represent the deeper emotional elements that we address and safely release. Some emotional releases usually happen during the second and third treatments. Some trauma that may dwell deep inside and keeps you stuck surfaces and maybe released. This leaves the space to form new energy paterns and new habits for you to move on in life.


— Detoxification of the body happens simultaneously as body start purging on all levels.


The third treatment is usually deeper than the previous ones and body is most ready to adjust to the new flow of energy in the meridians, organs and body systems. This gives you feeling of built stamina, wellbeing and deep relaxation.


During fourth treatment, stabilisation starts, and you start felling even more benefits from shiatsu sessions.


Fifth treatment is there to provide you with even more subtle changes in your body-mind-spirit system, so you can benefit from the emotional and mental stability that appears as a result of treatments.


Shiatsu can be continued to keep your body in balance to guaranty your body-mind-spirit performance in life.


Some people feel the bennefits of treatment for their welbeing for quiet a few month and longer.