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       Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy using energy to balance weak areas, relax tension, and promote well-being and integration of your mind and body. 


      My approach is based on 20 years experience, treating people with healing energy and, aligning for self-healing of mind-body-spirit.


       I see Shiatsu as one of the most effective therapies to facilitate healing and support or just maintain your health and wellbeing.


       The human touch, the presence and the space that is created between practitioner and client are the right ingredients to facilitate a powerful change in you.


      Shiatsu sought to be restoring the right vibration to your physical body, so body self-healing is then facilitated easier.


Among other conditions Shiatsu can help you with:


- Headaches and tension
- Stress-related conditions
- Jetlag
- Chronic fatigue
- Back pain
- Shoulder pain
- Frozen shoulders
- Whiplash injuries
- Muscular tensions
- Emotional problems and stress related problems.
- Poor circulation
- Digestive problems
- Respiratory problems

- Infertility
- Decrease of immune system,

- flexibility problems
- Muscular tone enhancement


Plese call or email to consult personal issues. 



Please contact me on +447577323206 


Alternatively, reach me on the contact form here or 

Email: valdas@naturaltherapy4you.com


The prices for the treatment are:


60 min session £60

120 min luxury session £110 

6 sessions (one free) - £290



Extra £5 charge for the home treatments, depending on the distance required to travel.  







I currently hold practice in:


Farnham Natural Therapy Clinic. 

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Farnham 'Neils Yard Remedies'

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Call me at +447577323206 to arrange the treatment. or email valdas@naturaltherapy4you.com




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